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PCI State-of-the-Practice Report of Precast/Prestressed Adjacent Box Beam Bridges (SOP-02-2011)
Author: PCI Committee on Bridges
Publisher: Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
ISBN: 978-0-9846705-2
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This report presents the state of the practice on adjacent precast pretensioned box beam bridges. Adjacent box beam bridges are widely used in new bridge construction and have many advantages over other bridge types in speed and ease of construction, aesthetics, span-to-depth ratio, and cost. Although early construction practices may have led to serviceability issues, improved practices have made the box girder bridge a viable, cost-effective structural system.

A discussion on current practice, historical issues, lessons learned, and improved performance of box girder bridges is provided. Much of the information presented is based on responses to a survey of states and Canadian provinces and a review of current practices and publications.

This report is relevant for Accelerated Bridge Construction, new bridge construction or superstructure replacement projects.

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