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Seismic Design of Precast Concrete Bridges State-of-the-Art Report
Author: PCI Committee on Bridges
Publisher: Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
ISBN: 978-0-979-7042-2-2
Seismic design of precast concrete bridges begins with a global analysis of the response of the structure to earthquake loadings and a detailed evaluation of connections between precast elements of the superstructure and substructure. Because modeling techniques have not yet been implemented for jointed details, the focus of this report is on procedures for the evaluation of system response and the detailing of connections for emulative behavior. Seismic analysis procedures are discussed with the primary emphasis is on force-based analysis procedures, displacement-based analysis and computer modeling are also discussed. Relevant seismic design criteria of early years are summarized along with the current criteria of the AASHTO Specifications, Caltrans criteria, Japan’s bridge design, and the New Zealand Bridge Manual requirements.